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Overcome the darkness. 

In the course of daily routine we often take for granted the privilege of being healthy, being able to move, hear and see without any difficulty. We are complaining of common hardship forgetting about handicapped persons.
Being ignorant we don’t often realize that these people are not always responsible of their incapability. And indeed they are pure and sinless as angels, because they are children. The students from the boarding-school for visually impaired demonstrate in their day-to-day life that the darkness can be overcome through faith, hope in one’s heart and certainly through people’s benevolence.
When I started working at school as a teacher of extracurricular activities I had a talk with the headmaster Mr. Mukhin A. We came to conclusion that the main problem students faced was lack of information. Each of them has their own needs, sorrows and darkness to overcome as well as joy to share. Lots of kids have gifts for music, sports, poetry. Lots of kids are gifted with talents in music, sports, poetry. They long for knowledge about the world but their abilities in comparison with other schoolchildren are restricted. There is no doubt that it’s a vital necessity for school to have an information source uniting teachers, students and their parents.
An idea occurred that radio could take this function, however there is no local radio at school. It takes considerable costs to organize radio broadcasting whereas these finances are required to cover yearly equipment refurbishment of the school premises.
The idea to organize a club of young journalists could fail and make kids disappointed. We understood that we could not hurt those innocent souls whose every moment of life was a struggle with vain promises. But the hand of God led our unusual team to "Radio Maria”. It looked like they were expecting us there. Visually impaired children were welcomed with care and love by the staff members and the volunteers. We are not professionals, just a team involving a teacher and visually impaired kids, but we were allowed to participate in the periodical radio programs "Overcoming the darkness” in the modern well equipped studio. Children learn to conduct interviews, make life stories about their school and communicate with radio listeners on the air. I’m sure that these invaluable hours would help children to overcome the darkness and would be unforgettable …

Olga Zdankova, volunteer of Radio Maria Russia.
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